How to Change your 2.1 Essay into a 1st

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University level essays are usually met with a little trepidation as students initially know very little about what to expect. Generally speaking, the essays you’ll have to produce to get top marks at university will have to be of a much higher calibre than those you could churn out at A Level; but universities do not expect you to run before you can walk, which is why the first year in most universities does not count to your overall degree mark. This affords students the time they need to acclimatise to the expected standards

A first is not something most university lecturers will give out lightly. However, as professional university essay writing service Oxbridge Essays know, there are a few tips you can follow to give yourself the very best chance.

General guidelines

These are the general guidelines used to differentiate a first class essay from an upper second (2:1) essay in one of the UK’s leading universities. And if you’re really ambitious, take a look at Exeter University’s marking criteria to see what’s required for an upper first class essay.

First Class: 70 percent and over

A first class essay shows not only an excellent understanding of the question but also explores the complexity of the issues involved. There should be evidence of an ability to analyse and interpret material, along with a thorough command of factual material. There should also be signs of original thought, as well as wider reading around the subject.

Upper Second: 60-69 percent

This classification still shows a very good grasp of the relevant issues, debates and materials. However, there is not so much originality of interpretation as a first class essay. However, there is still evidence of intelligent reading and a logical, clearly presented answer.

Originality and imagination

Originality and imagination is one of the main elements that distinguish a first class essay from a less complete document. Demonstrating your ability to think independently whilst remaining within the realms of academic rigour is essential. Originality can be emphasised by incorporating imaginative perspectives on themes or by introducing examples that put evidence in a new light.

Clarity and style

There also needs to be a certain amount of style about the way you present your ideas for a first class mark to be awarded. This does not mean you need to be a literary superstar in the making, but the essay should keep the readers engaged and make them want to find out more.

Depth of reading

First class essays should reveal a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. This can be evidenced by the presentation of content that is not merely a rewrite straight from a text book. To be sure of your first class credentials, you should conduct some external research of your own by reading around concepts and themes you might not have previously encountered.

Remember, too, that a first class essay should always be greater than the sum of its parts. Yes, the components parts are important, but it’s how you tie it all together that will really set you apart.







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