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Live Music in Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Bowl 20-21st July 2002

The Bowl Festival of New Music, organised by Sounds of the Suburbs, is now in its fourth year. It has become a victim of its own success - this year they were inundated by applications from new and unsigned local bands and they decided to run the festival across both days of the weekend. Saturday got off to slow start, largely due to looming inclement weather but as the afternoon warmed up things got busier and the rain stayed away (perhaps due to the samba drumming skills of the first act).

As usual the venue was well laid out with both art and craft stalls and food vendors. All the classics were available - chips, ice cream and beer - but you could also get jerk chicken and alcohol loaded crêpes.

Essential support services were in attendance... St John's were available to take care of first aid, not forgetting the man on the sound mixing desk and a battalion of portaloos.

Children, children everywhere, cartwheeling and running around, throwing sticks for dogs and playing tag or catch or football. If a face wasn't painted then it was because there wasn't enough time. There was also a bouncy castle, supported trampoline and candy floss on the programmes stall.

Many people seized the moment and held a family picnic.

Antonia entertained us with her eclectic pop-rock songs and was followed by Adiene Seiwah. Then we had a long set by Kannski with Celtic rock that went down so well they were asked to do an encore.

Los Skeletones, asked back from last year, soaked up Kannski's vibe while they waited.. they were on next.

You could get some shopping done if you wanted but the soundtrack being played certainly wasn't muzak.

And the park kept getting busier and busier

But sitting under a tree, listening to the music, one could only wonder... if this was merely halfway then what does the following day hold in store...

A full round-up of the musical performances is available on The Official Bowl Festival Website - our favourite act was Kannski, and if you are in Crystal Palace for a night out there's a good chance you'll spot them jamming with other musicians in Numidie Bistro on Westow Hill.

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