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Prior to the technological boom which brought smartphones and tablets to prominence, sports fans were seemingly limited in their ability to watch or listen to games in their preferred field of interest. Watching football, rugby, athletics or any other sporting event was solely possible through the medium of television; although many sports fans continue to watch their favourite sports in a stadium, broadcasting channels provide a perfect alternative to view a game from the comfort of your own home or in the pub with friends. Radio stations have also remained at the forefront of sports coverage, with a variety of live broadcasts and news reports keeping audiences captivated and up to date with the latest stories. The now defunct Ceefax was also a popular source for gathering sports news on terrestrial channels, but thanks to the internet and revolutionary new technology, keeping tabs on sports news and live games has came on leaps and bounds.

Handheld devices have effectively changed the way we live our lives for the greater good. Not only have smartphones and tablets effectively solved every day problems, such as boredom during long commutes or waiting times, but also pushed the boundaries of capabilities to what you can do whilst on the go. Sports fans have a wealth of possibilities at their fingertips wherever they are, and can easily check out the best odds or watch a live stream on their tablet or phone via apps which instantly take you to the heart of the action. Numerous sport-related games have also become an instant hit through their ability to provide an enjoyable, stimulating app that can be used during a break or period of relaxation.



The Livescore app is living proof that apps do not necessarily have to be vibrant and eye-catching to be effective and practical. Its professional, sleek layout is ideal for sports fans who wish to keep bang up to date with the latest scores and results in the world of soccer, ice hockey, basketball, tennis and cricket. Each sport is covered by a high level of detail which provides handy information, such as bookings, red cards and goal scorers in each football match, and bowling figures in cricket matches. The level of information provided could be utilised by betting enthusiasts who may have money on a particular game, or look for potential money-making opportunities.



Although you must have subscription to a cable network that provides access to the app, this is a must for any sports fan. WatchESPN allows you to watch live sport matches on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are, meaning you may never miss a minute of the action. The app also provides access to pre-recorded games and events on demand which mean sports fans can continue to watch their favourite sports wherever they are without having to sit in front of a television.


ESPN ScoreCentre

For those who wish to keep on the pulse of the latest news and scores in the sporting world, the EPSN ScoreCentre is just for you. The app provides real-time sports news and scores across a wide range of sports straight to your smartphone. The true beauty of this app is that you can personalise your scoreboard to only provide scores and news relating to your favourite team or sport. Notifications can also be turned on to keep you bang up to date with live updates whilst you carry on with everyday life.


William Hill

The emergence and subsequent technological advancements in smartphone and tablet devices have created a plethora of growing trend amongst its users, with mobile betting being high on the agenda. Although there are numerous betting apps to choose from on the market as bookies utilise a niche market opening, William Hill is currently rated as the number one sports betting app. Using a visually attractive and user-friendly display allows sports fans to easily move between each page and choose the markets they wish to bet on, whether it is in-play or an accumulator. William Hill also provide exclusive offers for current existing customers, with new members able to enjoy a special offer after registering through their mobile to receive a ‘double your money’ free bet.


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