Big Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

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If you’ve been wanting to revamp the bathroom in your home for a long time and are now making it a priority, do it right the first time. Having fewer obstacles will save your family money, time and stress. For a more pleasing experience, avoid these serious mistakes.

Fixtures Don’t Match

Avoid stepping into your newly redesigned bathroom only to wish that you’d chosen matching fixtures. A rule that many top designers use is stick with the same metal for each of the accessories, whether it is popular polished chrome or another finish. 

The same holds for wood and tile; use the same type throughout the room. Doing so will give the room a unified look and provide flow, too.

Improper Lighting

Lighting is important in every room in the house, but especially so in the bathroom, where you want to be able to relax. For example, if your light is not bright enough, it can make even a pristine loo look dingy. 

While the problem might be solved by increasing the bulb wattage, it’s more likely that you will have to get a whole new light to fix the problem. In the shower, pot lighting is a popular option.

Unstable Towel Bars

If you’ve ever grabbed a bath towel and had the whole towel bar come crashing to the floor, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t make it any more comforting when the rail batters your newly tiled floor.

To avoid this problem, hire an installer. This professional won’t use drywall plugs on your existing walls but instead will pre-plan where the towel bar will go and use a wood frame behind it to provide strong support for the future accessory.

Not Using a Designer

If you go it alone, your bathroom will likely not stay on budget or be done as quickly as you had hoped. Teaming up with a reputable designer can alleviate these issues by planning out the process in stages, determining costs beforehand and setting an end date.

Staying on track with the revamp is much easier with an experienced designer, who has delivered many beautiful bathrooms, at your side. Also, make use of their years of experience with bathrooms by asking them for style suggestions.

Wrong Drain Placement

Ask anyone who has renovated a bathroom what mistakes they made the first time, and it’s likely that one of the issues will be an incorrectly placed drain. Installing it in the wrong place is a frustrating error that can make your home reno take longer than expected. 

The key is to line up the hole for the drain with the floor’s existing plumbing drain. While you have likely measured the new shower pan before the install, you might not have checked on the drain placement. The options are centre, left, or right.

Getting It Done Right

While you are likely excited about your bathroom update, take your time to complete each step properly, starting with hiring a designer to plan out the steps. Rushing through the renovation, especially at the end, will affect the look of the room, perhaps even its utility. Remember to be patient and take comfort in the fact that with a designer, everything will be done correctly. 

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