Edustaff Provides Teacher Survival Tips

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Virtual Norwood’s forum often includes topics on local schools and education and many of our members also work in education, so as we approach the Christmas break I thought I’d share some recent research from Edustaff the recruitment for schools website as well as a few of their ‘teacher survival tips’.

Edustaff found that teachers worked an average of 52 hours per week and while 83% of teachers said they “loved their job”, 76% of teachers considered workload stress as being the most important factor in making teachers consider leaving the profession.

They say that Christmas is a particularly stressful time for teachers because of the excitable behaviour as well as the challenge and pressures to meet the teaching standards. On the other hand December provides many teachers with even more job satisfaction as pupils embrace Christmas festivities.

Edustaff promote some stress busting techniques ranging from learning how to chill, prioritizing tasks, making lists, having a dedicated “me” night to switch off and methods on how to handle the pressure.

Being held personally responsible students’ test scores places a pressure on teachers and isn’t for the faint-hearted. This pressure is felt daily and can sometimes seem overwhelming. Edustaff remind teachers to pull themselves away and tell themselves they must of course try their best and that at the end of the day, it’s a job. Health and wellbeing, is much more important and will essentially determine the quality of a teacher’s work in the classroom.

So as the term comes to a close, if you are a teacher make sure you find some time to recharge your batteries with family this winter break. If you have kids, why not send them to school with a Christmas card for their teachers!



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