How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

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Every minute or every day across the world, thousands of babies are born. Giving birth and having babies is one of the few things that bind us together as a species, and a shared experience for most women across the globe. It should come as a comfort to all new moms-to-be that pregnancy in the USA is, for the most part, safe and that every day thousands of new families are made.

From Two to Three

The best bit about pregnancy is meeting that little baby at the end of it. Nine months of anticipation have built this moment up and when you and your partner leave the hospital, you are leaving as a family, having gone in as a couple. Before you meet your baby though, there are a few things you should consider, and a few health tips to follow to ensure that you and your unborn baby are as healthy as can be during your pregnancy.

Start With Your Body

Some people see the growth of a baby inside the womb like growing a plant from seed, and for others, it’s like something out of the movie Aliens! Whatever your view on the miracle of childbearing, it’s vital that moms-to-be look after their bodies because healthy bodies produce healthy children.

Get in your high-quality prenatal vitamins with DHA, take some gentle exercise, get plenty of rest, and make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Take Note of What You Can and Can’t Eat

There seems to be an endless list of things you can and can’t eat or drink while you’re pregnant, and that list is changing every day by the feel of it! Moldy blue cheese is out, as is soft unpasteurized cheese, too. You should avoid too much caffeine (just one small cup a day), and skip the sushi for the next nine months, too. While it may seem like a hardship, it will all be over before you know it and you can order a nice juicy steak to help you recover from your trauma!

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

This one seems so obvious that it’s hardly worth mentioning, but still, there are so many expectant mothers who continue to drink and smoke during their pregnancies. Scientists have known about the negative impact of smoking on an unborn baby for many decades, but alcohol is another kettle of fish.

According to Mama Dr. Jones, scientists don’t know what the safe limit on alcohol should be, which is why it’s recommended it cut it from your diet completely during pregnancy.

Open a Dialogue With Your Doctor

Last but by no means least on this list is the need to be open and honest with your family doctor and your midwives. Share with them any worries or concerns, ask questions and let them examine you as often as is needed.

You should come up with a birth plan, but be aware that births rarely go “to plan” and you should be willing to go with the flow when the time comes.

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