How to Save Money on Your Fuel Bills

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I am sure you too feel the way I do about fuel bills; they seem to be on fuel. What else does one say about the fuel costs that keep sky rocketing each year? But there is very little that you could possibly do about the high fuel prices. The only alternative is to try and find out ways to save money on your fuel bills. Here are some tips to help you use less fuel and add more to your savings.


Drive More Efficiently 

Driving more efficiently is the first step in saving money on your automobile fuel bills. Very few people realize that just by taking this simple step they could save up to £ 350 per year. This is not a small amount of savings. If you think £ 350 is a small amount you have not yet come across the average working joe (like myself) who has had to use sites like to avail loans for as little as £ 150 to sort me out of all kinds of trouble, so don’t turn your nose up at it!

While there are many steps in driving efficiently, the basic aim is to use the minimum possible amount of fuel and to reduce the wear and tear of your vehicle in the process.

Avoid keeping the engine on if you are stuck in traffic or waiting at traffic signals, for more than a minute or two. Excessive speed also guzzles fuel, so drive slow for better safety and increased fuel efficiency and more savings.

Keep your windows closed if the speed of your vehicle exceeds 60 mph, because the high pressure exerted by the blowing air can increase fuel consumption. On the contrary of you are driving at a lower speed than 60mph, you should open the windows and let the natural flow of the breeze do all the cooling instead of switching on the air conditioner (that in turn uses more fuel).

Always send your vehicle for regular maintenance and upkeep because a vehicle that is need of servicing will definitely drink more fuel when compared to a well serviced and maintained one.


Find Cheaper Fuel

Most of us do not even bother to check and compare prices before buying stuff. Fuel prices could also vary and it is quite possible that the filling station where you habitually visit may be charging you extra than the filling station that your neighbour visits.

How will you know unless you ask and compare the prices? Never assume things or take it for granted that the prices are all the same everywhere. Even a mere difference of 10p per litre of fuel can help you save or waste £ 150 annually.


Do You Qualify for Winter Fuel Payment?

If you are over the age of 60, you could qualify for getting winter fuel payment that is usually given as a lump sum amount. You have time till March 30th of that year to claim the winter payment for that year. If you have not yet claimed the winter payment for the past years, you can still put in an application for the previous years too.


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