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Let’s face it – there is some tough competition out there! Norwood has thousands of businesses, stores, restaurants, shops, event halls and so much more. Standing out from your competitors is very difficult, but not impossible. Instead of looking like the run-of-the-mill location and service, why not give some extra oomph to your brand and make sure your competition is left far behind? After all, being noticed over your competitors means more potential clientele coming your way, which can never be a bad thing!

Let’s take a look at some easy ways to make sure your business and brand stand out in Norwood’s streets and advertisement:

Pick the right brand name

This may seem like an obvious tip, but you pass by more badly branded businesses on your daily commute than you realize, and that’s for a good reason. Most brand names don’t stand out, so you and everyone passing by, is unlikely to notice them! A better idea is to come up with a catchy brand name that will make pedestrians look twice. The good news is that you are not alone in this quest. Tools like NameRobot can actually help you, not just in terms of guidance, but also in developing a brand name with their generator.

Do not offend clients with your brand

Britain’s cities are quite multi-cultural, so you need to be careful that your brand is not insulting anyone. If, for example, your brand also happens to be an insulting word in another language, well… you will get attention from immigrants living in the area, but none of which will be positive. You may also lose the potential to acquire them as clientele as they naturally stay away from your business. Make sure to double-check if your selected brand name could be offensive. The NameRobot generator mentioned above can do that for you as well.


Logos, colors and fonts

Humans are by nature highly appreciative of good aesthetics. A beautifully designed brand name with a great logo, colors and the right font will immediately cause a good impression on clients. They will see a business that not only invests in proper brand development, but they will naturally believe that they are dealing with a professional in the industry. Lousy brands, unimaginative logos and bad color and font choices look displeasing and uninteresting! You want to be represented by a brand that showcases professionalism, not one that looks like it was designed by your eldest child on Paint.
Always remember to consistently improve your business, brand and services. Norwood is a competitive region, and you should strive to remain relevant and stand-out!


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