Choosing Eggs from an Egg Sharing Bank: Getting One Step Closer to Starting a Family   

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Not all women who opt for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) are able to use their own eggs. When this happens, choosing some from an egg sharing bank is an option. Couples who rely on egg sharing have to give careful consideration to some defining factors before they choose their donor.


What is IVF and how Should Couples Choose Donors?

IVF involves fusing eggs (oocytes) and sperm together to form an embryo. After this happens, the embryo is implanted with the aim of producing a pregnancy.

Couples who are choosing egg donors may wish to consider several important factors. Some may decide that the appearance and personality of their donor is important. Clinics like Invimed offer images of donors, so couples can identify one who meets their needs. Additional information may also be available, such as the donor’s educational background and interests.

There are also some medical considerations that need to be made. Some couples may wish to choose a donor who has the same blood group as one of them, as this makes blood donations easier in the future. In addition, medical screenings may be performed to ensure the donor doesn’t carry any specific genetic diseases that’ll clash with the male’s medical background. Some genetic diseases rely on both gametes carrying them, which makes matching the male and female carefully essential.

Guidance When Choosing from an Egg Sharing Bank

Clinics like Invimed take great care to screen donors and couples who go to them for fertility treatment. In doing so, they can help couples find an egg that matches their requirements. Occasionally, couples may decide they wish to use an anonymous donor. A good fertility clinic will still screen for medical contraindications, while keeping the donor’s identity a secret.

While the donor selection process may seem stressful, taking it seriously and moving carefully is an essential part of the IVF process.



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