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| January 25, 2013 | 6 Comments

New Homepage

(If you are looking for the VN forums click here or click on the orange “Discussion Forums” banner on the right.)

Following up from the New VN homepage thread, VN needs articles in place for our new homepage.

Can you help provide a short article related to the local area? 
Maybe you’re a local business owner who has an idea for an interesting and related article or maybe your a community member with an issue to write about – while we make this transition it would be great to have articles that are member generated in this section.

We’re looking for articles on the following topics (but not limited to):
What’s On / Entertainment
Deals and Discounts
News and Sport
Science / Health / Technology
Politics / Campaigning
Local History

Examples of article titles:
The top 10 things to do in the local area
Shop local for great deals while supporting your community
Parenting: A local guide
What to do this Valentine’s Day

Some specs:
Articles are a little more formal than regular forum posts and should be well-written, engaging and contain between 400 and 700 words. If you have images and other media to be published with the article great, if not no worries. The article must be unique and not published elsewhere, and it must be relevant to Virtual Norwood’s members.

If you think you have an article in you, please give it a shot, it’ll really help support the site and get our new homepage off to a great start. As mentioned you’ll also receive a small token gift card (for either an online retailer or a local store for each article that we publish) and you’re welcome to write several articles!

Please send your ideas for articles (or the finished piece) to:


Thanks for all your support during the site changes.

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks to the members who have already contacted me with ideas for articles – really appreciate your contributions.

  2. Billy Pilgrim says:

    Heeeey, doesn’t seem to like the iPad so much! I like the change in general though, much smarter.

    • admin says:

      I think that the website theme adjusts the page for mobile browsers (iPhone, Android and even iPad). It looks a bit weird on my HTC too.

  3. Billy Pilgrim says:

    WOW, somehow you took a personal picture for my profile pic, without me doing a thing! Please,, may, DO, take that off now.

    • admin says:

      Billy, we didn’t take the image manually. I believe that you may have registered with Gravatar which makes your image follow you around wherever you use your email address on a blog. You can change the picture at the gravatar website or I think I can remove it manually (but every time you use your email address to leave comments it’ll reappear until you deactivate your Gravatar account.

      • Billy Pilgrim says:

        Thanks admin. I never knowingly gave my permission for my pic to be used, but neither do I care. We’re all in this together etc

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