What’s it Like Working as an Anesthesiologist?

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Working in the field of healthcare is an admirable goal for anyone to have. The desire to help other people is a natural one, but there are relatively few people who are cut out for the responsibility, skills, and knowledge that are required to work in a frontline medical role directly with patients. While all medical professionals bare an extraordinary responsibility for the wellbeing of their patients, surgical staff arguably have an even greater responsibility than most.

The first member of the surgical team that most patients will come into contact with is the anesthesiologist. Their job is to put the patient into a state of unconsciousness so that the surgery can proceed. But is this a good career path to follow? And is the degree you will need worth investing in? Let’s take a look.


One of the big driving factors behind a career in surgery, especially in the United States, is the potential high salary. The role of a surgeon is known for being one of the better paying medical jobs that are out there, and the staff that assist in the surgery are also highly prized, especially anesthesiologists. This is borne out in the average annual earnings of $321,686.

This earnings average puts the role of anesthesiologists among the best paid in the whole of the United States. If you want to be able to earn a decent living by employing a highly specialized skill, this is an ideal job choice for you. As with most comparable courses, there are some costs associated with learning to be an anesthesiologist. You will need to buy textbooks, but buying online can save you quite a lot of money. You can get hold of AANA Approved CEU textbooks from Valley Anesthesia, for example.

Outlook and Benefits

Another area where the role of anesthesiologist scores highly is the potential it offers for the future. There are new positions opening up within medical institutions all the time for anesthesiologists. Their role is one that will always need to be fulfilled for as long as we have hospitals and surgeons performing surgery.

Of course, the specific perks of the job will depend on where you accept the role. However, you can generally expect to receive better perks than you would elsewhere. This includes excellent medical coverage, paid vacation time and a number of other potential benefits of being an anesthesiologist.

The Hours

It is inevitable with any important medical job that people will need to be on call at all hours. However, anesthesiologists are an exception to this rule as they generally work quite sociable hours. The hours of most anesthesiologists leave plenty of time for a personal life. Anesthesiologists also only have limited interactions with patients, which arguably makes their jobs easier in a psychological sense.

Working as an anesthesiologist is an overall good package deal. You will get a high-salaried position utilizing a skill that few other people have. You will have all of the satisfaction of knowing that you are making an important difference to a patient’s healthcare experience without having to take on the emotional burden of forming a strong up-close bond with them.

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