5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Being more energy efficient not only benefits your wallet, but it’s also a great way to cut down your carbon footprint and help take care of the planet. This can easily be done by taking a bit more care around your home and ensuring that things are not on when you don’t need them. Here are 5 ways to turn your home into a more energy efficient one from today.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Heating is one of the largest costs to our energy bills and especially in the winter months. Nevertheless, turning down the thermostat can have a dramatic effect on reducing these bills. In the winter, you will need some form of heating, but think about whether you could cope with being around the house in a jumper and fluffy socks rather than making it t-shirt climate indoors. This might mean reducing your thermostat by a few degrees, but even this will make a difference to your energy bills so it is well worth doing if you can.

Alternative Heating Methods

Gas and electric heating are often considered to be the most expensive, so how about implementing some natural heat such as a real fire to warm up your home? This will be sure to give you all the heat you need in a room without depending on any form of electricity to work. Try a wood burning stove London to leave you with a cosy atmosphere that doesn’t result in being too stuffy, since the flames only take air from above the stove, rather than the room.


Insulation helps to keep the warm air in your home and the cold outdoor air, out. You can install this in your roof since heat rises and is often lost the most through our lofts and in your walls. The costs of installing insulation might be high in the beginning, but you are likely to recover these costs within five years or less due to money you will be saving on energy bills. 


A lot of heat can also be lost or gained through windows so be sure to cover these with thick curtains in the winter months and lighter ones for summer. Additionally, you can add energy efficient windows which stop draughts from entering your home and make noises from outside much quieter. As with insulation, you will be able to save on energy bills over time and can benefit from cutting down your carbon emissions.

The Little Things

Small tasks around the house such as turning off lights and appliances when not in use is a great way to save on energy bills, since these smaller things can add up to making a huge difference. You can also invest in gadgets like water-saving shower heads and an eco-kettle to have more of an effect. 

Use these simple methods to create a more efficient home and you’ll soon notice a difference in the price of your energy bill. Remember that making a small investment now can have a big impact in the future, for both the planet and your lifestyle.


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