Make Your Home More Spacious by Converting These Spaces

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There can be a number of reasons why people want to expand the size of their home. New additions to the family, adding value before selling, or simply just creating a new place to enjoy are all good reasons to think about renovation and conversion projects.

Many homes already have a number of spaces that can be easily converted into useable living space that you may not even think of. This article looks at the four most common spaces in the home that are converted into something a little more useful than they were originally built for.

The Basement

When people think of a basement conversion, they usually conjure up images of games rooms, home cinemas and maybe even swimming pools. There are all great ideas if you have the room to spare, but when most people are converting, they want to create a functional space.

One of the main problems with basement conversion is being able to get enough light coming in. If part of your basement runs outside the footprint of your house, then you may be able to put a skylight in. If not, you will need to find clever ways to introduce light, so it’s not dark and dingy.

The Attic

From the bottom of your house to the top. The attic provides many different opportunities for conversion. Usually, it will be across the whole footprint of your house so you may even be able to get 2 or 3 rooms extra depending on how big you need them to be. The attic is a great place to add extra bedrooms and places like a study.

One thing to be aware of when converting an attic is that it can be a common home to rats and rodents. Before starting a project, you should try and speak to a company like Attic Projects OC who offer attic services. They will be able to identify and deal with any problems you may have with rodents before you begin a project.

The Garage

One of the most misused spaces in the house is probably the garage. Most people have a driveway that fits two cars anyway so the garage just becomes a place to store items that rarely get used and it fills up pretty quickly.

Some great ideas for a garage conversion can be an additional bedroom that’s set on the ground floor, a home office space or even a dining room. Another great idea that you could use for either the basement of the garage is to turn it into a home gym.

The Garden

If you have a large garden, then there may be space for you to add a small structure. Creating a home office in a summerhouse or in a bespoke building is great way to work from home and be free from the distractions of what’s going on inside the house.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler then a summer house can be a lovely edition and is great for the summer months when you are hosting friends.

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