7 Productive Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Know

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As a small business owner you may feel like you don’t have enough support and as a result, yourself and your staff are less productive and more disorganised than they should be. However at the same time you aren’t in a position to pay anyone at the moment to give you that extra support.

If this is the case, have you considered using apps to give you the support you so desperately need? Recent research conducted by EE found that 37% of small business employees (5 million workers) think they would be more productive if their bosses provided business apps for use on mobile devices. However, despite this, only 22% of small businesses currently offer staff apps to use at work.

If it’s the expense that has put you off doing this, then it is definitely one worth investing in as the rewards will be much bigger. Plus, if anything goes wrong with a device Lovefone can fix it for you quickly and cheaply.

So, here are some of those apps that could help your small business with its productivity:

  1. Remember the Milk

With this app you will never forget the milk, or anything else, again! This free task management app integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook and Evernote. It creates a to-do list and then reminds you when they need doing and you can share your list and give tasks to others.

  1. Skype

You’ve obviously heard of Skype. Perhaps you’ve even used it to talk to friends and family. But have you considered using it within your business? It’s perfect for holding a virtual meeting, enabling you to speak to clients or customers either in a one-to-one or a group conversation, as well as quick and easy communication amongst colleagues.

  1. Sage One Accounts and Payroll

This HMRC-recognised service is the perfect way to manage payroll, finances, create invoices and process VAT. Each service is specifically designed to help small businesses manage financial processes as easily and effectively as possible – saving you not only a significant amount of time but also a massive headache!

  1. MozyPro

This online backup service syncs files across smartphones, tablets and computers – helping small businesses to store from 20GB to over 1TB of business-critical data in the cloud.

  1. Receipt Bank
    This app gathers, stores and processes receipts and invoices directly from a user’s smartphone or tablet when the document is scanned.
  1. Zendesk

This app provides small businesses with a tool that tracks and manages customer service, customer support and customer engagement. This will lead to customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive – all at a lower cost.

  1. Microsoft 365

Providing applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint via the cloud, this app enables businesses to access them from virtually anywhere and any device. This means staff can work on crucial documents at home or during a commute and then immediately share them with colleagues and customers.

So what are you waiting for? Download these apps and start running a more productive small business today!



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