Buying For Men – The Ultimate Guide For Buying The Perfect Presents Every Time

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Men are notoriously difficult to buy for – and often provide little assistance when it comes to buying them a gift, saying there isn’t ‘really anything’ they want.
So what do you do? Probably purchase them yet another tie and shirt, a pair of novelty socks or a gift that will you know will just sit at the back of the cupboard gathering dust!

But, fear not ladies! Here it is – the ultimate guide for buying the perfect present for a man every time, ensuring you’re never short of gift ideas for men in your life again!

It’s actually much simpler than you think and really just a case of asking yourself a few questions first!

Who is the man?

The first thing to consider is who the man is because their relationship to you will have a huge influence over the present you buy them. Is it your dad, brother, a close male friend, a male colleague, a boyfriend? Secondly, how old are they, as there will be a significant difference between the present you buy for a teenage brother, a 60-year-old father and a boyfriend in his mid-twenties.

What is the present for?

Is it for Christmas, Birthday, an Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or to say ‘Well Done’ for passing a driving test or school exams? This, coupled with who the man is, should help determine the size of the gift. If the present is a Secret Santa for a male work colleague you know vaguely, this will be very different to what you buy your boyfriend for his birthday!

What time of their life is it?

Now you have a rough idea of the gift you will be getting based on who it is for and what the gift giving event is, it is time to start deciding what the actual present will be. The first question to ask yourself is what time of their life is it – have they just started a new job, are they still at school, have they recently retired, maybe they are about to have a baby or have just got married? The time of their life could hugely influence the gift you give them.

Do they need/want anything?

Similarly, is there anything they need? Or something you know they really want to do? Maybe you know they always get lost, so a Sat Nav would make their life much easier! Or they have always wanted to visit a certain tourist attraction – then take them there.

What do they love/what are their hobbies?

Perhaps you’ve got them a present before and it went down really well – then think along the same lines. Does he love a particular football team or sport? Is beer his drink of choice? Perhaps he sees himself as the next Jamie Oliver? Take what he loves and then find him a gift that fits in with that. 

Do a bit of detective work….

If you need some help working out the above few questions, then it is time to do some detective work. Ask a few suggestive questions which will give you the answers you need without them actually realising you are asking. Or ask someone who knows them better than you do! Make sure you listen closely to them throughout the year – if they mention there is a band they would really like to see, for example, then make a note of it and get tickets at the next opportunity. This could be a few months later so they may not even remember they mentioned it!

Finally: buy the gift and watch the big grin appear on their face when they open it to discover not only is it not another pair of slippers, it is actually something they really want, even though they may not have realised it!



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