7 Tips for Selling Your Horse with Little Hassle

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Selling a horse can be stressful, especially if it’s one that you are attached to. This is because there’s so much to think about, including the price you should ask for, where the papers are, and whether the horse is going to a good home. To make the process easier, use these seven tips for selling your horse with little hassle. 

1: Figure Out Transportation 

One aspect you might not consider early on is how you will transport the horse from you to the buyer. Moving a horse isn’t a simple process – you must ensure the horse is both comfortable and safe while making a move as quickly as possible. To find the best horse transport, have a look at https://www.shiply.com/us/pet-transport/horse-transportation, where you will find transportation that focuses on ease. 

2: Organize Your Horse’s Papers 

You often need your horse’s papers to make the sale, so be sure to get them all together before you start advertising the horse for sale. If you do not own the horse’s papers, you can register your horse online for some reason. 

3: Take Excellent Photos 

You might think your horse sells itself, but that’s not necessarily true, especially with all the other great horses for sale out there. To make sure yours stands out, then, you must take excellent photos. Consider hiring a professional photographer to do this, as they will know the best lighting and angles to show your horse in the best possible light. It’s a must for attracting more buyers! 

4: Set a Reasonable Price 

Many horse buyers know a reasonable price when they see one, so don’t try to set it too high, as you likely won’t receive any offers. At the same time, don’t set it too low, either, even if you want a quick transaction. To find out what your horse is worth, consider having it appraised by a professional. 

5: Ensure All Agreements Are in Writing 

Once a potential buyer is interested, it is crucial to secure all deals in writing, from how they will pay to how the horse will be transported. This is to avoid any confusion along the way and to make sure all dealings between seller and buyer are documented. 

6: Write an Informative but Clear Description 

On top of photographs, you must also write a description of the horse to inform interested buyers what your horse has to offer. This part must be clear and not too long but be sure not to leave out any information. Most importantly, don’t hide anything! If the horse has an injury or is a little older, you must be completely clear about this. After all, they will find out eventually. 

7: Groom the Horse 

Keeping the horse well-groomed is crucial. For the day you take pictures, the day potential buyers come to see the horse, and the day the horse is transported, make sure the horse looks its absolute best. Doing so will ensure you attract buyers and that your actual buyer is pleased with their purchase. 

Selling a horse takes some work, but these seven tips make the process a whole lot smoother.

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