What to Do if You Have a Car Accident

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It can be extremely frightening to be involved in any kind of car accident, and even if there isn’t much damage and no one is hurt, it is still going to be extremely inconvenient. Yet accidents like this happen every day; sometimes it is someone’s fault, and sometimes it is purely bad luck. Whatever the reason for the accident, there are some important things you are going to need to do if it happens to you to ensure everything can be put right as soon as possible. Read on to find out what they are. 

Make the Area Safe

After an accident, the vehicles involved could be left in a dangerous position. The first thing you need to do, assuming everyone is unharmed, is to make the area safe. If you can move the vehicles then this should be the first option you take. Otherwise, you should use some kind of warning sign such as amber flashing lights to alert other drivers to the fact that there is an obstruction in the road. The last thing you want is for another crash to happen while you are still dealing with the first. 

Obtain Details 

Once the road is made as safe as possible, and again, assuming no one needs immediate medical help (if they do, or if anyone is trapped within the vehicle, or if the police need to be involved, the emergency services should be the first people you call to help you), it is crucial you obtain the contact details of the person who was in the accident with you, as well as the details of their car. Not only that, but you should give your details over as well. This is going to be vital for any insurance claims. 

Of course, after an accident there will be lots of emotions running high; you might be feeling angry, embarrassed, scared, and much more. However, you must still obtain the details to help you in the future, and as uncomfortable as it might be, it is a crucial step. Take your time to gather yourself, and offer your details first if you are worried; then you can ask for theirs. 

Make sure you also take a look around to see if there were any witnesses, as you will need their details too. 

Take Photographs 

Photographs are always going to be useful when it comes to assessing what happened during an accident, and certainly when looking at the damage that was caused to a vehicle. Today’s technology means we are more likely to have a camera on us at all times via our smartphones, so it should be easy to take some shots of any damage that was done. Don’t forget to look at the road as well, as there could be skid marks or other damage that it will be useful to take photographs of. 

Although you might think you will be able to remember every detail of what happened, over time memories can change, particularly if they were traumatic, so having these images to help you remember what really happened will be very useful. 


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