Four Great Shopping Tips to Help You Save Big

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Our shopping habits can become unhealthy, very quickly. It takes strict rules and smart thinking to kick bad habits, so if you are ready to start saving when shopping follows these top four tips today: 

1. Look for Coupons Before Checkout

There are coupons available for almost every brand, and it’s practically a guarantee when you are shopping at big department stores. 

Check for Coupons Before Checkout 

An easy, fast way to save is to simply check for coupons before you checkout. This applies both in-store and online. Shop at Macy’s, check for Macy’s coupons. There might not be any at the time, or the discounts available do not apply to the items that you are buying. If there aren’t any, then there’s no harm done. 

Keep an Eye on Coupons Before Shopping 

Alternatively, you could keep an eye on any discount codes or promotions from your favorite stores before you go shopping. This way, you can take advantage of promotions that are of most interest you and save on items you have had on your want or need lists for a while. 

2. Price Compare Online Before Buying

Coupons are not the only way that you can save. Always check online before buying a non-brand item to see if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. Kitchen appliances or accessories, in particular, fall into this trap. So, if you find something you like in a more upscale store, but the item is not affiliated with the upscale store’s brand, then check online. 

Online this is a lot easier. There are browser extensions you can use that will automatically search the web for you to find you cheaper versions of the same product you are looking at.

3. Go in With a List

A good way to refrain from buying things you don’t need is to go in with a list. If you see something you like, put it on a different list to be picked up later. By sticking to a list, you can stay focused and actually wait to find the perfect solution to your need. 

4. Put a Wait Time to Stop Impulse Buys

Impulse buying is a huge problem, and not because you treated something for yourself when you weren’t meant to. Impulse buying tugs on a different area of the heartstrings, and many times your heart is simply lying to you. 

How often have you gone shopping and bought something on impulse because you had to have it, and yet never wore it again? This applies to a whole host of items, from sports gear to kitchen appliances. 

You can cut down on this disappointment and waste just by waiting. If you see something you like, take a picture of it. Get the product code or name if you can so that you can look it up online. Wait at least a day, and ideally a week, and if you still want it, then you can buy it. Easy as that.

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