Four Must-Haves When Buying Bedding for Care Homes

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Bedding is one of the staple necessities of a care home. Without appropriate bed supplies patients can be uncomfortable, unsupported, too warm, too cold, in danger of accidents and in fear of incontinence. 

That is why care home managers must carefully and meticulously assess what bedding is necessary and source it from a reliable supplier. The following four necessities are true “must-haves” for care homes when it comes to the bedroom.

Care Home Necessities

Care homes have a very distinctive appearance and it may be on your agenda to break the mould and purchase supplies that are more aesthetically pleasing or modern. 

While innovation and creativity should be encouraged in terms of decoration, you should stick to tried-and-tested care home supplies in regards to furniture, bathroom fittings and bedding. This is because the following items are proven to be necessary for providing the quality care that the elderly require. 

  • Waterproof Duvets

To preserve the dignity and improve the confidence in your incontinent patients, waterproof duvets – available from – are essential. Duvets should also be the correct size, and you should invest in various tog levels to accommodate the elderly throughout both summer and winter. 

At no age does tucking into a duvet stop feeling like one of the safest places to be. Duvets that inspire confidence and relaxation in your patients are therefore a must-have.

  • Flame-Retardant Sheets

As in any place of work, carers should be briefed accordingly on how to promote fire safety in the care home. Fire drills should be carried out frequently – with the knowledge of the residents so that they are not alarmed – but preventative measures are equally important.

That is why flame-retardant sheets are absolute essentials for bedding in care homes. Who knows when an electric blanket might be left on, or when a candle might be knocked over? With fire resistant bed sheets, everybody in the home can rest easy. 

  • Breathable Pillows

A breathable pillow is key to getting a good night’s sleep – especially in the summer. With so many pillow types to choose from, it is worth investing in a number as patients and residents are likely to have personal preferences, but breathable is always a safe option.

With breathable material, the pillow fabric cools down quickly so as to prevent the user’s head and face becoming overheated. Often picked by experts, breathable pillows are also simple and easy to wash.

  • Friction Reducing Bedding

This is essential for helping those with irritable skin conditions get a good night’s sleep. This type of bedding works by being made from more slippery, less porous material than cotton and is probably most commonly used with burn patients. 

However, it is also useful for any type of care environment. While “normal” sheets are easier to clean – and need to be cleaned less often – certain care home residents will benefit from the friction reducing alternative. Along with reducing irritation, these sheets can also aid patients with low mobility in turning over in the night as there is less resistance to their movements.

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